Events Listings for Monday, March 15th, 2010

11:15 am - Identity Theft & Scam Prevention

Identity theft is a serious crime with serious costs for victims.  Victims of identity theft may lose significant money and time, and may find their reputation and credit rating has been damaged, affecting the ability to obtain loans for education or housing, approval for rental agreements, and approval for credit cards or large purchases requiring credit.

On Monday, March 15, representatives from the Attorney General’s Office held a public presentation on Identity Theft for Victims and Consumers. The presentation educates consumers about the steps to take when identity theft is discovered, and how to protect personal information to prevent identity theft.

To read the Attorney General Martha Coakley’s Guide on Identity Theft for Victims and Consumers, please click here.

2:34 pm - T&G Highlights PASA Program


Many face this problem. Whether from lack of healthy food or exercise, the obesity rate in Massachusetts was 20.9 percent in 2008, and more than half the people statewide were overweight. It’s a number that the YWCA of Central Massachusetts hopes to lower.

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