YWCA Annual Meeting Recap

YWCA USA CEO Dara Richardson-Heron, M.D. was the featured speaker at the YWCA Central Massachusetts’ Annual Meeting on Thursday, June 19, 2014. Dara had just finished up at the YWCA USA’s Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., where the theme “Fearless Future” governed the three day agenda. She continued this theme of looking forward in her speech to the YWCA Central Massachusetts.

Dara brought up many discussion points for the organization as it moves forward. She mentioned that she had visited many local YWCAs in her time as the CEO of the YWCA USA, and is working with YWCA leaders to move the organization forward as a national movement, while also making sure that each local YWCA is supporting the needs of the individual communities.

While the feedback of local organizations is important to her, she described her own vision: to have high impact, fiscally sound local organizations with a strong track record of social change; to continue the legacy of our famed historic past; to secure diversified and sustainable funding; to have strong talent at all levels and a ladder of opportunity for leaders to climb forward; and to build a movement that strengthens whole communities.

Her call to action for the YWCA is to dream big and take bold steps that propel us into a “fearless future.” She emphasized that as an organization we need to dream big, and continue our work as an impactful, mission-driven movement.


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