YWCA Success Story – Fyteema

Before finding the YWCA, Fyteema spent years bouncing around, taking care of her mother who had issues with substance abuse, staying with friends, and suffering in an abusive relationship, all so her son could have a roof over his head. The cost of housing, and child care held her back from making positive changes in her life.

When she did live with her mother there were many times when there was no food in the house, or the roles were reversed and Fyteema found herself as the caregiver. Without guidance from the adults in her life she did the best she could to get by. At 15 Fyteema became pregnant. What she initially viewed as a mixed blessing has now become her motivation for a better life.

After her son was born Fyteema spent some time living with his father. The relationship became abusive, but with no where else to turn she suffered through it for the sake of her child. So much of her life became taking care of her son and her mother, and trying to deal with her own pain and abuse.

After her mother passed away at the beginning of 2014, Fyteema explained that things became clear. She was ready to get off the emotional rollercoaster, get out of the abusive relationship, and stand on her own for herself and her son. “I started seeing things differently,” she said. “I wanted to give my son the life that I wish I had.”

When she found the YWCA she knew she found a place where she belonged. The YPP has put her on the path to financial stability and a brighter future, and the Domestic Violence Services program helped her get away from her abuser and into a safe home.

Fyteema found housing, and recommitted to her education and future. She is currently working towards her GED in the Young Parents Program. She hopes to continue her education after the YWCA and train to become a contractor or electrician.

Fyteema’s three year old son Maurice is doing well. She is working with the Worcester Public Schools to get him all the help he needs, and is focused on maintaining a stable life for him. “I knew being a teen parent on my own would be hard,” she said, “But I never knew it would be this hard.”

Recently Fyteema told her story at Teen Lobby Day at the State House, advocating for herself, and other women like her. She was also able to attend the Worcester Technical High School graduation to see President Obama speak.

“Things are going well,” she said, “But most important is that I love being a Mom.”


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